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Does your organization handle registrations?

Does your organization handle customer orders?

Do you handle a large customer base that is hard to track?

Do you have some other business function that could be automated?

GwebAssist can help with a dynamic database driven system.

By connecting a database to a web interface it is possible to streamline many business processes. For example, a local plastics testing company, contracted with a major computer manufacturer to manage their plastics color inventory. GwebAssist was able to design and build a system that allows manufacturers as far away as China to order colored plastic samples from the plastics testing company. The testing company is happy because they can track and manage all the color sample orders through the web, which keeps the process streamlined, effective, and easily managed. The major computer manufacturer is happy because all of their products are produced with consist colors and they don't have to manage the process. The remote manufacturers are happy because they can interact with an intuitive system, 24 hours a day, that allows them to keep their production lines humming.

Not all systems have to be large though. In fact they can be as small as a contact page on a website that collects user input. They can also be mid-sized systems like the one GwebAssist built for Before working with GwebAssist Jerry was using a paper registration system that was very labor intensive. GwebAssist was able to design and build an online registration system that did more then just track his campers and their parents. Jerry's system tracks all payments that are made or that are due for each camper and session. The system has a number of automated email features that allow him to contact campers parents at various points in the registration process. In addition, the system allows him to run a number of reports that show him many different aspects of his camps and campers. Finally when it comes time to send out next years mailings, address labels can be produced with the touch of a button. All of this allows Jerry to focus on tennis and not spreadsheets.

If there is a part of you business that you think could be streamlined by a database driven web interface please contact GwebAssist today to see what GwebAssist can do for you.


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